Mom Hack – lunches

Hey everyone,

Today I thought I would share a mom hack about school lunches!

There is no right or wrong way to parent! However, we can share tips that make it easier. So today I will share one of my mom habits that make my life run a little smoother.

Ready . . . .?

you sure . . . .?

Alright here is it . . . .

MAKE LUNCHES THE NIGHT BEFORE AND LET THE KIDS HELP!! In the end, it’s them that have to eat it. You can tell them what food groups they can have, so you know htere are healthy options.

I have been doing this hack for the past two years! No fights about whats in the lunch and she eats almost everything in there!

I make lunches as I’m cleaning up the kitchen from supper so I’m not in the kitchen on and off all night AND the dishes get done at once!!!

Want to know another secret???!! I do the same thing with my husbands lunch except he gets whatever I put in there!

First impressions Montagne Jeunesseu/7th Heaven masks

Hey guys,

Today I tried a Montagne Jeunesseu/7th Heaven peel off mask for the first time.

I have to say I loved it! It felt like any other mask with the hardening and the texture.

I felt like this mask hardened a lot more than some. My skin felt tight even in a rest position.

Applying it was super easy, I just emptied the liquid mask into may hands than rubbed it all over my face.

One minor drawback I would say to the mask was the fact that it did not wash off easy from my hands. I hand to just a couple rounds of soap to wash it all off and then some mild scrubbing.

As the mask dried I could tell where my fee wrinkle lines where and all the larger pores were as well through the mask. My skin afterwards was extremely soft and looked well cleaned.

Over all I would say I am very pleased with the mask and would buy again and recommend to others.

Looking forward to trying different types of masks from them!!

The View from Here book Review

Hey everyone,

I finished reading this book a while ago and just never uploaded my review of it.

Source: Library

Publisher:  NewSouth Books

Series: No

Edition: Hardcover 240 pages

Genre: Inspirational

Purchase: Chapters


” Katie Sinclair climbed up a loblolly pine just to see if she could. And then she stayed, creating a media sensation and more than a little trouble for the folks in Jones County, North Carolina. There is a lot of speculation about why the state employee took to the tree. Some think she is making a political statement about the destruction of forests for urban development. Others believe her recent divorce has driven her to a nervous breakdown.”

I believe that this book lacks a sturdy or real idea.  There is no concrete theme to it. Just the reader following Kate’s days in a tree, very diary-like.  

Few thrilling parts, mostly just Kate coming to terms with the events in her life and her forgiving herself or others. It took removing her self from the daily grind to accept the change.

A very cute story regarding life, love and the views we have. The book outlines the importance of communication. 

The end to me seemed really rushed, two pages (front and back) of the “Happy Ever After”.  It almost seemed as if Lynne Hinton, had to tie all the loose ends up quickly which may in the “rushed” feeling you get as a reader. 

Would I recommend this book, yes. However, the person I recommend it to would have to be in the same or generally the same shoes that Kate herself was in. Someone who might need a change of view on life or during a journey within their life. 

I, personally, feel like the bird information that was added to the story was a little much at times. I understand that it was part of Kate’s character, although there were parts (in my own opinion) that the information took away from the story itself.


Many more reviews to come!! 

Happy Reading everyone!!