Mom Hack – lunches

Hey everyone,

Today I thought I would share a mom hack about school lunches!

There is no right or wrong way to parent! However, we can share tips that make it easier. So today I will share one of my mom habits that make my life run a little smoother.

Ready . . . .?

you sure . . . .?

Alright here is it . . . .

MAKE LUNCHES THE NIGHT BEFORE AND LET THE KIDS HELP!! In the end, it’s them that have to eat it. You can tell them what food groups they can have, so you know htere are healthy options.

I have been doing this hack for the past two years! No fights about whats in the lunch and she eats almost everything in there!

I make lunches as I’m cleaning up the kitchen from supper so I’m not in the kitchen on and off all night AND the dishes get done at once!!!

Want to know another secret???!! I do the same thing with my husbands lunch except he gets whatever I put in there!

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