First impressions Montagne Jeunesseu/7th Heaven masks

Hey guys,

Today I tried a Montagne Jeunesseu/7th Heaven peel off mask for the first time.

I have to say I loved it! It felt like any other mask with the hardening and the texture.

I felt like this mask hardened a lot more than some. My skin felt tight even in a rest position.

Applying it was super easy, I just emptied the liquid mask into may hands than rubbed it all over my face.

One minor drawback I would say to the mask was the fact that it did not wash off easy from my hands. I hand to just a couple rounds of soap to wash it all off and then some mild scrubbing.

As the mask dried I could tell where my fee wrinkle lines where and all the larger pores were as well through the mask. My skin afterwards was extremely soft and looked well cleaned.

Over all I would say I am very pleased with the mask and would buy again and recommend to others.

Looking forward to trying different types of masks from them!!